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History of The Cadillac Church
The Cadillac Water Tower
Cadillac City Water Tower
The arrival of the Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad opened the way for settlers to the area now called Cadillac, Michigan.  The trees and the lakes made the area ideal for the lumber business.  Almost from the beginning in 1881, there were a few Adventists who assembled in pri,e homes on Sabbaths for Bible readings and discussions. 
          The General Conference, in the spring of 1899, sent Elder Soule assisted by Elder Wood to Cadillac to conduct evangelistic meetings.  A tent was pitched, at the direction of Mr. Bristol the tent master, at the head of Stimson Street, and then later moved to Cobb-town. Elder Soule preached throughout the summer to all who entered the tent, and a number were baptized and began to serve the Lord.  Miss Haysmer and Miss Evans, able Bible Workers, assisted by studying with families in their homes.

As winter approached and the weather became too cold to continue meeting in the cotton tent,  a paper was circulated soliciting funds to buy a church building.  The group of believers responded with means and labor to buy, remodel, paint, and carpet the former Salvation Army Barracks on South Mitchell Street.  They paid $150.00 down and agreed to pay $100.00 per year until the total price of $600.00 was paid.  With new seats and proper lighting, the church became the first Seventh-day Adventist Church in Cadillac.  Sabbath Schools were conducted, with good attendance and interest, for children as well as adults. The company numbered twenty adults and fifteen children.  The building and site were sold in 1912.
k Flynn acting as Sabbath School Superintendent.  In 1917, the Baptist church on Farrar Street was purchased
            In 1913, Sabbath services were held in the home of Mrs. Ida Olson on Bremer Street with Mrs Fran and used until 1950.  For five years, from 1920 to 1925, Cadillac served as host to the North Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists’ Camp Meeting.  The meetings were held at the fairgrounds.
            By 1952 the membership had outgrown the Farrar Street location.  Land was purchased on the northeast corner of Division and Carmel Streets, and a building program was begun.  The present church was dedicated in 1956. 
Over the past few years, our church building has been blessed with a new addition, which has allowed us to expand our Sabbath School Classes and Foyer Evangelism.  We are honored to be part of the rich local and state history and strive to continue the work that was begun many years ago by the first community of Adventists in the Cadillac Area.  Our church welcomes all who wish to visit or become members. 

(Information taken from the Cadillac Evening News, July 3-4, 1971 written by Leslie Bridgeman  and “A History of Cadillac, Michigan” 1871-1900, W.A. Norton, Compiler and Publisher  p.84 Ref. 977.4 H  of Cadillac Public Library)

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