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Greetings Michigan Family:


I pray that you are all well and blessed. As you know, this past week has brought about quite a turn of events that are impacting how we normally function in many areas of life.  One of these areas is church attendance. Please refer to our homepage or the Michigan Conference Facebook page for continued updates regarding our churches and how we are able to continue with worship and ministry. Some individuals have asked that we give guidance on how tithe and offerings can be given if individuals are not able to physically attend church. Listed below are a few options to consider:


  1. Mail your tithe and offerings to your local church (not the conference office).    
  2. Give online or through a mobile app at Adventist Giving (See below for instructions).
  3. Other options may include coordinating with your local deacon(ess)/elder/pastor.


Instructions for giving through Adventist Giving:

I have created a short instructional video with instructions to help with this option. You can access that video by clicking here


Adventist Giving Website Instructions: Visit the Adventist Giving website.


  1. Type in your church in the search box. If your local church is not listed, contact your local treasurer/pastor to request that it be added.
  2. Select your local church. Make sure it is your local church in order for the funds to be allocated correctly.
  3. You will then enter the amounts in the appropriate boxes (tithe, local church combined budget, etc.)
  4. If you do not see an offering listed in the different categories (Local Church, Conference, World), click on the link that saysMore Offering Categories. This will display all available offerings.  Select any other offerings you want to add and clickback to envelope.
  5. When you have completed entering the amounts, you will click the continue box at the bottom of the page.
  6. You will then have the option to login, register or do a guest checkout. Choose the appropriate option.
  7. When completing the payment options, we ask that you use the electronic check option if at all possible.  This helps keep credit card fees down.
  8. After setting up the payment options you will complete the additional prompts to finish the transaction.


For downloading the Adventist Giving mobile apps, click on the appropriate buttons below.

Follow the website instructions above for how to give.


Android and iOS 

 Get it on Google Play
   Get it on the App Store


Frequently Asked Questions regarding Adventist Giving Online


Thank you for your continued faithfulness at this critical time. May the Lord continue to bless each one of you as we move forward in ministering for Him.


God Bless,




Mike Bernard




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