A New Era: Meet Pastor Arial Roldan, the new pastor of CSDAC.


                                                                      Arial Roldan


CADILLAC, MICH., January 27, 2020 -- On February 8th the Lake
City and Cadillac Division Street Seventh-day Adventist churches
are installing their new pastor Ariel Roldan and his family. The
public is welcome to join these congregations in Lake City at 5970
W. Sanborn Road (M-66) at 9:30 a.m. and in Cadillac on 801 E.
Division Street at 10:50 a.m. followed by a fellowship meal.

Their previous pastor, Pat Milligan, and his wife Tami took a call to
his home state of Oklahoma pastoring the Muskogee and Wagoner
churches. In July of 2012, Pastor Pat came to the greater Cadillac
area serving the 13th Street (then called “Cadillac West”), Cadillac,
and Lake City congregations. He served as the Strong Tower Radio
board chairman, Cadillac Munson Hospital volunteer chaplain. He
was also the coordinator for the church softball team, the weekly
men’s basketball pick-up games, and enjoyed spending time in the
community, especially at the YMCA and the Blue Heron Café. Tami
Milligan served as the Cadillac hospital’s Patient Experience
Coordinator. She was truly gifted as a speaker for the Munson
Hospital and these churches sharing well received ‘health nuggets’
and family relation topics. Together they produced Strong Tower
Radio’s "Making It Practical with the Milligan's” which broadcasted
across half of Michigan. They were truly appreciated by the
community they served.

Pastor Ariel is a native of Argentina. His family traveled to Bolivia
in the late 1970’s and to the U.S. in the early 1980’s. They settled in
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where he spent a good portion of his life.

It was there he was led to receive Christ as a personal Savior through
the ministry of his youth leader (who was also his head elder), Bob
Smith. The Lord providentially led Ariel to study massage therapy in
California and practice as a therapist in Hermosa, South Dakota.
From there he was led to church-plant in Columbus, Ohio. Once the
congregation was discipled and large enough to sustain itself, he went
back home to Pennsylvania to study nursing. A semester before
completing his nursing studies, he felt the conviction to leave nursing
and attend Andrews University to enter the ministry full-time.

While completing his under-graduate and graduate degrees, he was
part of the pastoral team at the Village Seventh-day Adventist Church
near St. Joseph, Michigan, and he also became a naturalized U.S.
citizen. He completed his degree, Master of Divinity, in 2012 and
began pastoring at the Oakwood Seventh-day Adventist Church and
Romanian Company Church in Taylor, MI, and two years ago the
Monroe Seventh-day Adventist Church. Pastor Ariel is married to
Dalyn García-García, presently a full-time mom to their two
daughters, Gianna and Aniyah. Dalyn’s profession is a Social Worker.
She has had extensive professional psychiatric experience, Multi-
Systemic Therapy for at-risk teens/family, and giving developmental
assessments to young children through Regional Education Service
Agency. Dalyn is a native of Puerto Rico.

Pastor Ariel enjoys discovering new ways to use many forms of
technology for ministry such as audio and video podcasts. He also
enjoys drawing, photography, music, and playing/watching soccer.
One of his favorite activities is reading. He is praying as to how to
utilize his experiences and skills to reach out and serving Cadillac
and Lake City through the Seventh-day Adventist Churches in these

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