A Substantive Christmas Program

Every year, Northview Adventist School has a Christmas program. Every year, they memorize, sing, recite, and repeat. “It’s a Christmas play!” you might say. “There is nothing substantive about that!” You might even allege that it’s “one of those things that” inevitably happens every year, only to be forgotten shortly afterward.

But I disagree. Over the past several years, Northview’s Christmas program has become less “Christmasesqe”, and more “message-based”. Brenda Mejeur, music teacher at the school, has been writing programs for her students for years. She has concocted a careful blend of simple production and music with substantive doctrine that stays with the audience (and the children!) for months, or even years (!) afterward. Their program on December 16 was the perfect example of that. Come join the students next year! You won’t want to miss it.