Bible Study Plans Continue

Pastor Ariel Rodan inspired our congregation to join him in reading through the whole Bible in 2021. I like a race where some people have already finished and there is more heading towards the finish line. It was more than a goal or a competition, but the intent was to reacquaint and see the Scripture in the historical order. What a blessing this has been. The share at the end of each reading set was encouraging and insightful.

Now we are encouraging with a different reading plan. It is the “Correlated Bible Reading Plan.” It involves reading the whole Bible along with the Ellen White “Conflict of the Ages” commentary readings. The pastor and members who have participated in similar plans can attest to the rich blessing and improved comprehension for the Scriptures. Please join us. This book is available by contacting Adventist Heritage Ministries at 269.965.3000 or ordering at The cost is $9 plus shipping.