Fellowship: an Interview with Dalyn Garcia Garcia

CADCOM: Why are you doing vespers/events?

Dalyn: First of all I want to thank our church leadership for facilitating these vespers so they could become a reality. I would also like to thank all the other leaders that have supported me with their time, energy, and talents; they are very much appreciated! Well, there are several reasons why I felt I wanted to create vespers program at our church. First of all the pandemic. With so much interruptions to our being able to fellowship, vespers became a clear need for time with us as a church family. Secondly as a child I grew up spending almost the entire Sabbath involved in church activities (and that is a major reason why I believe I stayed in the church). With my public university and secular friends having so many social events, it was good that my church had better alternative social events for me. I should add that it wasn’t just that my church provided activities for me to go to; my church allowed us to actually plan and develop much of what we did. From vespers for the whole church, outreach events, etc. This truly gave me a sense of belonging. I am so happy to see that our churchis very open and willing to have our children and youth take more and more ownership of our church programs and events like nature walks, visiting our shut-ins, etc.

CADCOM: What goals do you hope to accomplish with these events? What is the philosophy or mission behind them?

Dalyn: The philosophy is a biblical one found in Psalms 133:1 which says: “Be- hold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” Spiritual fellowship has a unifying effect in our relationships. Sabbath morning is not enough to “dwell together,” it requires more personal contact that is focused on Scripture, missions, and each other. Vespers lends itself to be very flexible in its content and format so it can easily provide for this personal needs of our church.

CADCOM: How many events have you done? Any other details?

Dalyn: Since the Lord called us to serve in Cadillac we’ve had a total of about five vespers/ socials; one of which was over Zoom! That was a uniquely fun experience, but nothing can really compare to being present face to face.

CADCOM: What happened at these events?

Dalyn: One of the things I enjoy most that takes place at these events is laughter. Not irrev- erent or silly laughter. Laughter that comes from spiritual joy! From discovery of something new in an interactive way. From getting to know each other in a more personal way. We also get new perspectives about God’s love, His mission, and our role in it. There is much variety as to what can happen at our vespers programs.

CADCOM: What do the future plans look like?

Dalyn: Well the future is still uncertain to some degree because of the pandemic. But as long as we can meet in person we will plan them that way. But beyond viruses and pandemics, I am really looking forward to having more people involved in planning, preparing, and doing these vespers and socials. Eventually I would love to see more of our children giving ideas and our teens, youth and young adults taking charge and initiative in creating all of the vespers and social for our church.

The church that laughs together heals and grows strong together.