Phrases like “the new-normal” have been used quite frequently through the various communication channels of our society.  Yet as Christians we are also presented with statements such as “there is nothing new under the Sun.” (Eccl. 1:9).  So which statement describes our present reality correctly?  Perhaps our rather limited life-span allows for the “new-normal” statements to appear accurate in describing our reality.  But the Bible’s long arching perspective provides a reference point for the Christian to relate to “new-normals” no matter what events may seem new to us.

Humanity universally has been created by God with two major needs; needs that surpasses nutrition and reproduction. The need for a two-fold relationship. A relationship with God and with each other (humans). Some may be quick to point out that the present pandemic has isolated us and prevented us from worshiping, singing, eating, and enjoying fellowship as we should. I would challenge that notion though on this premise: we did not need a pandemic nor mandates to isolate ourselves from each other. Our Western way of life had already done that long before COVID ever came into the international scene.

In fact, globally we can be isolated from each other while being in the same room, house, or church. The two-fold fellowship we are designed for cannot exist apart from the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the gospel that confronts that which separates and isolates us from each other - sin. In all honesty that word means nothing to many Christians. It is foggy and blurry, and unfortunately in many circles, caricatured as simply a “bad” behavior - while never really explaining why it is “bad.” The Bible certainly uses that word but never apart from the context of how it has affected human relationships.

Sin led Cain to feel rage that led to murder his brother. What is sin? Sin caused thousands of people to refuse to enter the ark Noah was told to build. What is sin? Sin in- duced all the recently redeemed Israelites from Egyptian slavery to dance and worship a baby cow made of gold. What is sin? Do you know what it is? If you’re not sure, how do you know you’ve been saved from its power? We will explore this and more in our upcoming newsletters.