Adults need Sabbath School too! I am a seasoned Sabbath School superintendent serving other congregations, giving seminars, and consulting. I originally thought that the youth divisions were the hardest to staff but then experienced that Beginners/Cradle roll had the highest teacher turnover followed by the youth. However, I am seeing that our adult divisions need our attention also.

We often think adults can take care of themselves and not much effort is needed by the students or teachers—a kind of minimal commitment for 50 minutes a week. Expect little, give little, get little!

Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Well, the status quo is unsatisfactory, and we are going to do something different. It may take us a year to improve the outcomes but together we want something better.

We appointed four more adult teachers, and we have a new purpose. We want to give members and the community a reason to come to the adult Sabbath School. Starting January 9, the second Sabbath, we will begin “Adventism 102 - Getting to Know Your Church.” It is a delightful and live visual presentation about our shared Adventist culture. Topics like “Did Adventists Invent Camp Meeting?” and “Where Was the Grand Rapids Conference Office?” It will have an interesting twist for new and life-long members. Please plan to be with us.