Pathfinder's March On

"Oh, we are the Pathfinders strong!” That lyric, written by Henry Bergh, is sang by millions of youth ages 10-18, and many Pathfinder alumni and staff around the world. The ongoing pandemic has brought new meaning to that lyric. The worldwide club was tested (often to its limits) with lockdowns, timing, and staffing. With divine intervention however, the worldwide youth ministry withstood the test, and is mindfully returning to pre-pandemic activities. A perfect example of this predicament is our own Pathfinder club, the Cadillac Mighty Oaks.

    The Cadillac Mighty Oaks Pathfinder Club was formed in 2017, and it has blossomed into a central youth ministry of our church. When the pandemic forced the club to transition to all virtual activities, many were worried that the club would lose steam and possibly never return to the previous participation levels. 

    But they didn’t. In fact, this year, the ministry is scheduled to resume normal in-person events and programs with participation nearly back to pre-pandemic levels. They kicked off the year on a campout from September 17-19 at Camp Cadillac. A generous amount of people attended, and it was a fun way to start the Pathfinder year. They will conduct their Induction ceremony on October 2nd, and they will have their first meeting of the year later that day.

    An integral part of the club’s identity is their participation in the Pathfinder Bible Experience, or PBE for short. The junior scholars have already started preparing for their  District level competition on the biblical books of 1st Kings and Ruth. For several years, the club has participated in PBE, and in the past, competed at the Union level. Elijah Vogler, the PBE leader this year, has a goal in mind for participants. “This is not for the competition or the pin.” he said in a letter introducing the PBE materials. “The discernment of scripture is vital in the spiritual life of any Christian and will only help you grow closer to God. As much as I would love to see you all go across the country, and pass round after round, I would much rather see you grow your spiritual walk with God…After all, I truly believe that’s the intent of Pathfinder Bible Experience, as well as mine.”

    The Pathfinders are excited to start the year. If your children would like to join the Pathfinder Club (ages 10+) or the Adventurer Club (ages 4-10), you can contact the club director, Mandy Vogler.