Youth of His Message has become a pillar of the Cadillac-area youth. Since its inception in 2019, they have accomplished numerous hours of community service, participated in several conference wide events, and provided Christmas presents to families who otherwise would not have had any. But there was a missing link. 


As the group’s population aged, they realized the need for a program for the younger children, to help them prepare to become a part of YOHM. “’Go and make disciples of all nations.’ is what Jesus asks of his children.” Explained Ava LaFave, Outreach Coordinator. “Youth Of His Message’s objection is to tell everyone we help of the blessed hope we have as Christians.” Part of that calling is to minister to our own kind, and to support them as they grow in Christ. With that in mind, YOHM Jr. was born. 


YOHM Jr. is unique in the way that it is facilitated. Focused on the ages between nine and eleven, the older youth plan every aspect of the meetups. A typical meet-up for YOHM Jr. includes games, snacks, and learning. A health nugget with a call to action is presented to the kids, and one of the YOHM members will give their testimony. All of this is arranged by the YOHM members and the sponsors.


Sometimes, churches tend to forget the needs, both spiritual and physical, of our children and youth. With Youth of His Message and the support of the church family, we can effectively and appropriately minister to the community, and ourselves. The next YOHM Jr. meetup is scheduled for August 11th at 6pm. Kids, you will not want to miss it!


Samuel Girven

Cadillac Update